1. What Your Rights are After an Arrest?

    When you read the news, you are likely to come across various stories about arrests – some seem justified, but others might not. Some day you could be in the news too for being detained. You might think that you don’t have to worry about getting arrested because you aren’t breaking any laws. H…Read More

  2. Public Defender Vs. Private Attorney: Which Is Better?

    The United States government guarantees fair representation to anyone accused of a criminal offense. The provision of this right makes navigating the legal process much more complex. If you are arrested for a crime and want to seek legal representation, you might have the option to choose between a …Read More

  3. Everything You Need to Know about Bail Bonds

    In order to get released from jail, bail must be paid. This seems quite an easy concept; when someone gets taken into custody, another person can pay money to the court and the arrested person will go free. This is the concept behind bail. However, the process of bail isn’t as simple. When people …Read More

  4. 13 Things to Know Before Contacting a Bail Bondsman

    Getting arrested and locked up in jail for an alleged crime is a very serious matter. Being accused of a crime can be traumatic for the person getting arrested as well as their family members and friends. After the booking process is over, the arrested person is kept in holding while the judge sets …Read More

  5. Be Wary of Bail Bond Scams

    When a person is arrested for their crimes and taken into custody, it creates an awful situation for their family. Depending on the crime they have committed, the situation can be very embarrassing and stressful for their loved ones. If the arrestee has a spouse or children that are to be taken care…Read More

  6. Ways to Prepare for Court

    Feeling nervous about your court appearance? It is normal to feel a little stressful and hesitant about stepping in the court regardless of your circumstances. If you want to dispel those butterflies in your stomach, you must prepare yourself for your court appearance. If you step in front of the ju…Read More

  7. The Basics of Domestic Violence

    The most common calls received by bonds bail agents are about charges related to domestic violence. A lot of people don’t know about this, but charges of domestic violence have the highest emotions, questions and misconceptions than bail agents of other charges will encounter. That is why we are g…Read More

  8. Understanding the Bail Bond Process

    When someone gets arrested for a crime, they must wait in jail until bail hearing. At the bail hearing, a bail amount is set by the judge. For the bail hearing, the defendant is taken to the courtroom. There, the defendant must wait until the judge calls their name. The charges will be read by the j…Read More

  9. What to Expect at a Bond Hearing

    If you or your loved ones ever get arrested, you’ll find yourself going through what’s called a ‘bond hearing’ to get out of jail. At a bond hearing or bail bond hearing the defendant requests the judge to release him/her from the confinement of the prison. Bond hearing is also referred to a…Read More

  10. The Criminal Justice System

    A Brief Look into the History of the Criminal Justice System Can you imagine what it would be like to live in a world where there are no formalized laws or rules to guide our behavior and protect us from criminals? Well, that is what life was like in the colonial period and early Americans have live…Read More